Shop Talk - This Week at 7 Ton Co.

Here's a snapshot of what we're working on and what's new in our Asheville studio

7 ton co.- made in wnc

The current exhibition at the CCCD, entitled 'Made in WNC', "examines the designer-maker movement through a regionally specific lens, considering how particular histories, geography, economics, technology, and education inform an international movement on a local level." We designed the exhibition logo, styled and photographed the front cover, created the design and layout for the 64 page catalog and managed the print production.

7 ton co. - shop

Brainstorm sketching with new ideas (left). Tools of the trade (right).

7 ton co. - olea europaea

Olive - Olea europaea. New three color letterpress prints printed on recycled chipboard. Available in the shop.

7 ton co - a little weather

Details from 'Quiet Work' - a book about the studio and homestead of A Little Weather. We designed and hand bound these little pamphlet books that give a glimpse into the life of Jessica Green who lives and works in Little Sandy Mush, NC.

7 ton co - sewing little weather

The first spread of this book beautifully reads, "I weave to slow the world down. This book, like the life within it, requires a quiet mind." Thinking on that while hand-sewing 'Quiet Work'.

7 Ton Co. - Letterpress Printed Envelopes

Detail of a letterpress printed monogram on the back flap of wedding envelopes. Printed in soft grey on baronial flaps.

7 ton co. - brad details

One brad? Not that impressive. Hundreds of brads all lined up in a row? An interesting detail. 

7 ton co - leather book!

A new batch of leather journals have hit the shop!