Form. Function. Fehlo.

Zac Lopez-Ibanez is one of the most talented and focused creators we have yet encountered. With a an eye for design and function, he has harmoniously balanced both in each piece included in FEHLO's Spring 2015 line. FEHLO produces small-run, artisan-designed, made-from-hand household items including lighting, furnishings, kitchenware and tabletop accessories. 

Yes, he has a distinct style, and yes, he has a clear vision, but what really sets his work apart is integrity. FEHLO places top value on sustainability, quality, craftsmanship, and shared prosperity across a network of makers. That's something we can endorse!


When Zac came to us to produce his catalog, we were ecstatic. Our challenge: convey the amount of time, attention and passion that went into making each piece. This is a very difficult thing to capture in two dimensions, but with the combination of imagery and storytelling, we were able to bring the life and character of his work to the page. Interwoven is a delicate play of light and dark, feminine and masculine,which echos FEHLO's designs. Flip through the catalog below to see FEHLO's Spring 2015 line.