Shop Talk - This Week at 7 Ton Co.

Here's a snapshot of what we're working on and what's new in our Asheville studio

7 Ton Co. — Asheville on Bikes

We designed these mid-century modern inspired route maps for Bright Light Bikers - a series of rides hosted by Asheville on Bikes. All three rides end at Skylanes. Bikes and Bowling... swoon.

7 ton calligraphy envelopes

A batch of hand-drawn calligraphy on cotton envelopes.

7 Ton Co. — Nick Moen Product Photography

We are in the process of finishing up a new lookbook for Nick Moen Studios, and are really digging the light airy quality of these images.

7 ton co letterpress envelope

Detail of our "entwined" wedding template letterpress printed in navy blue on RSVP envelopes.

7 ton miami vice

We attended a Miami Vice themed party atop the ALOFT Hotel in downtown Asheville hosted by Weddings Unveiled Magazine and the lovely ladies at Studio Wed.

7 ton co mountain prints

New two color letterpress printed mountain stationery. Sold in sets of 8 and paired with kraft envelopes... available in our online shop. Perfect for a quick note or card to a friend.

7 ton guillotine safety

Our trusty guillotine blade got sharpened this week and we highly recommend Asheville's sharpest edge... they sharpen just about anything.